Pediatric Dentistry

pediactricWe love our future #NSDlifers

Care for toddlers to teenagers

At North Spring Dental we happily serve and treat generations of family members. We strive to make your child’s first experience and impression a positive one. Our office makes a special effort to use pleasant, non-frightening, simple words to describe each procedure. We encourage parents to bring their child in during parent hygiene visits so that they can become familiar with our staff, office, and procedures. To help put kids at ease we offer the: Look/See/Touch approach. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends the best time to bring your child in for their first wellness appointment is by their first birthday. For more information visit

Pediatric Restorations / Cleanings

We provide the best care for each of our little patients. To provide for all of your child’s dental needs we offer:

  • Dental Cleaning and Regular Checkups
  • Pediatric Fillings
  • Pediatric Crowns/Stainless Steel and Esthetic Crowns
  • Pediatric Root Canals/Pulpotomy
  • Early/Late Childhood Orthodontic Evaluation and Treatment
  • Sealants
  • Preventative Fluoride
  • White Spot Lesion Removal
  • Diet and Habit Coaching
  • Thumb Sucking Counseling
  • Speech/Airway Issues Evaluation
  • Tongue Thrust/Frenum Evaluation

Pediatric Dental Emergencies

At NSD we are always available for emergencies. Often we will do our best to see you the same day for:

  • Toothaches
  • Bitten lip or tongue
  • Broken, chipped, or fractured tooth
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Loose tooth
  • Sports related injury

If you are looking for a friendly, caring dental office for the entire family, we are here for you! Call us today to schedule your family appointments!