Invisalign Instructions

Care of Aligners

  • shutterstock_351429749Toothbrush and toothpaste with COLD water may be used to clean aligners.
  • Brushing and flossing your teeth prior to re-inserting your aligners is a must.
  • Keep aligners out of the reach of any pets at home as they may chew on them.
  • Carry your case with you. Storing your aligners in your case (not in your pocket) while eating will prevent lost/broken aligners.
  • Prevent warping of your aligners. Keep aligners out of direct sunlight, such as in a hot car, which can cause warping.
  • Rough edges of aligners may be smoothed with an emory board, if needed. (If this doesn’t aid in comfort, please contact our office.)
  • Keep your aligners (do not throw them away!) and bring them with you to your next visit.
  • Do not chew gum with your aligners in.
  • Your aligners may also be used as bleaching trays.

Wear Time

  • Aligners must be worn 22 hours each day for Invisalign® to work.
  • With the exception of the first set of aligners, change new aligners in the evening and do not remove for 8-12 hours.
  • Aligners are worn for 14 days at a time unless otherwise specified by the doctor.
  • Aligners MUST be removed to eat or drink anything other than water. Do not leave in while drinking tea, coffee, soda, or wine. (Acids in drinks, and plaque from food, can cause irreversible tooth damage such as acid erosion, decalcification, decay, and/or staining.)
  • Avoid hot drinks as they can warp aligners.
  • Chewies are used during the first 2-3 days with new aligners to help teeth move faster. Bite on each side for 5-10 minutes each day.

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