Month: October 2016

Pediatric Dentistry: An Introduction

We find that our patients are often more worried about figuring out how to care for the smiles of their entire family than finding a dentist for their own needs. We understand! Discovering a location where you can keep your own smile healthy, while scheduling the pediatric dentistry your children require is often a challenge…. Read more »

Dental Hygiene: Stocking Your Bathroom

As you learn all about the best ways to practice preventive care, a very important aspect of that journey will include your dental hygiene. Comprising daily care that you provide for yourself every single day, this aspect of prevention requires certain products to ensure you’re doing your absolute best (and achieving the ultimate result of… Read more »

Breast Cancer And Your Mouth

As we usher in the month of October, along with the excitement of a cooler season and cozy holiday time is the recognition of some very important topics. Did you know that October is both Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Dental Hygiene Month? While these two health concerns may not seem connected, they can… Read more »

How Do I Practice Preventive Care?

Are you hoping to do the best that you can when it comes to caring for your smile but you feel like you could use a little help? Don’t worry, we happen to be experts in guiding you through your preventive care. It’s important to keep in mind that protecting your oral health requires more… Read more »