Month: April 2017

Digital Imaging: What Makes It Different?

When you learn that our preventive care includes the use of digital imaging, you may think to yourself that this sounds very modern and impressive. However, if you’re not sure what this really means, you are certainly missing out on some surprising details! We would love to fill you in on some of the exciting… Read more »

Bad Breath: Where Does It Come From?

Have you been feeling the need to cover your mouth with your hand lately or back up when you’re talking to others? If bad breath is affecting your daily life and you cannot seem to return to your usually fresh-as-a-daisy smile, the issue can become a frustrating one. Learn more about what might be causing… Read more »

Why Protect Baby Teeth?

When you take a moment to think through the sometimes grueling process of getting your child to smile and participate through a tooth brushing and flossing session, a figurative light bulb goes off over your head. Of course! you might think to yourself. Baby teeth just fall out, so they probably don’t even need to… Read more »

Electric Toothbrushes: Learn More (And Win One!)

We are happy to announce that we are holding a drawing, the winner of which will receive a free electric toothbrush! If you’re not sure how this product can help protect your oral health, we’ve got answers for you. Of course, if you’re curious about what you need to do to get your hands on… Read more »