Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

What Kind of Smile Do You Want?

Many people have small imperfections in their smiles that they’d like to correct. You may have a specific list of cosmetic improvements that you’d like to see, or you may just wish that your smile stood out more (in a good way) in photographs. In either case, cosmetic dentistry can make small adjustments to your… Read more »

Professional Whitening Gives Your Teeth New Life

Everyone’s smile can lose a bit of its luster over time. If you’ve noticed your teeth fading or yellowing, you’re not alone. Staining is a common occurrence for many patients. The cause of this issue is completely natural, too. When you eat, drink, and use certain lifestyle products, your teeth are subjected to pigments. These… Read more »

Smile Gifts: When All You Want For Christmas Is Your…

When the holidays roll around, it’s easy to become focused on gifts that include home goods, clothing, cosmetics, and more! However, one area for potential gift-giving that may remain overlooked but that’s just as fantastic as any other? Your smile! Don’t forget to include anything you really want for Christmas on your wish list, whether… Read more »

Smile Stains: The Why, The Visit, The Solutions! 

It’s the type of thing that you find causes you to cringe as you say it: “I need help with my smile stains!” First, you don’t really know where they came from, which is certainly something worthy of a bit of emotional distress (particularly if you do your best to care for your smile). Next,… Read more »

Is Dental Bonding My Dream Treatment?

While you may have heard about teeth whitening before, and even porcelain veneers, you may feel a bit shocked and extremely excited when you realize you are just now becoming familiar with dental bonding! However, before you get too excited, you may want to know: Is bonding going to prove to be the dream cosmetic… Read more »

Prepping Today For Your Winter Holiday Smile

It’s still summer. You’re getting ready for fall with a big smile on your face! One thing you’re definitely not considering just yet? Winter, of course! However, though it may seem like a very, very distant thought, our Springfield, OH team is here today to remind you that, in fact, prepping for your winter holiday… Read more »

Planning For Your Prettier (Autumn Deadline) Smile

There’s something so beautiful about the transformation that takes place when autumn arrives! If you’re inspired by this shift and would love to turn over a new leaf, so to speak, in terms of your smile, then we invite you to get started right away! When you’re making the arrival of fall your deadline for… Read more »

Dream Big! What Smile Goals Do You Wish You Could Reach?

Smile goals can feel a little overwhelming at times. They can even feel nearly impossible when you’re seeing something far from it in the mirror! While you may not know what it’s going to take to transform your current smile into the vision you see in your dreams, we are happy to remind you that… Read more »

Tooth Cracks: Prevention, Considerations, And Treatment!

There are some smile-related topics nobody really wants to think about or talk about. One of them? Tooth cracks! While it would be lovely if you could avoid any and all types of oral health damage throughout the course of your life, you may wonder, but what if it happens to you? You may also… Read more »

Your Clear Drink FAQs: Harmful Or Perfectly Fine?

Did you fall under the impression that all clear drinks are safe for your oral health, only to suddenly realize this might not really be quite right? Perhaps you began by assuming all clear beverages are safe when you’re trying to avoid stains but somewhere along the way, you got your signals mixed up! Whatever… Read more »