Month: July 2018

Back To School: Pediatric Dental Care For 2018!

Of course, we all like to pretend that summer will just keep on going, the fun will never end, and responsibilities won’t need to be reinstated. However, those kiddos are going back to school fairly soon and there are some reminders coming your way pretty quickly! If you haven’t begun seeing the back-to-school signs and… Read more »

Water: Why You Need To Drink More!

You probably need to drink more water unless you can honestly say right now that you’re sure you drink enough because you track it. However, it’s very easy to announce, “I’m going to drink more water!” and then fall back into old habits. Sure, you hear quite frequently that it’s so important to increase your… Read more »

Biting, Chewing, Brushing Habits: Are You Threatening Your Smile?

What’s there to think about when it comes to biting food, chewing through your meals, brushing, and more? Do these really have anything in common? As a matter of fact, though you may not think of them as connected details (and you certainly never thought they might require any extra attention), they can all relate… Read more »