Month: October 2018

Smile Care: Your Pre-Holiday Planning List

Yes, we know that you probably don’t want yet another list for holiday time. However, we also know that you are likely secretly very happy to have a checklist to refer to, so in addition to everything else going on, you don’t overlook a very important smile care detail. Of course, this helps take the… Read more »

Yuck, Here Comes The Flu: Tips From Your Dentist!

It’s definitely not a fall favorite but it is something that we all know about and think about: It’s the flu and it’s coming our way. Yes, this autumn-associated illness is quite serious, spreads very easily, and is something you will certainly want to protect yourself and your family from getting! So, what’s your Springfield,… Read more »

Trick Or Treat? Try Our Halloween Tricks For A Safe Night!

When you’re reminiscing about your days of trick or treating (and you’re looking forward to bringing your kiddos out to have the same magical experience), we happen to be here to help. Since we are dental professionals, we aren’t planning on handing you a bowlful of sugary treats. However, we would like to offer you… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: These Things Should Never, Ever Hurt

Generally speaking, when you practice your dental hygiene correctly, your smile is healthy, and you get into a usual routine, making your way through the flossing and brushing we suggest for you every day should be easy! It can feel like you’re on autopilot most of the time, so much so that you might not… Read more »