Month: May 2017

Pediatric Dental Care: 3 Tips For Protecting Young Smiles

We bet you put forth a lot of effort at home in keeping your little ones’ teeth and gums clean and healthy! This is most certainly worthy of some applause, as we know that brushing and flossing isn’t always the first priority (or even a welcome suggestion) for children. While you may be feeling pretty… Read more »

Invisalign: Easy To Overlook Hazards!

When you receive Invisalign treatment, there are multiple facets of the experience that must remain on track in order for the system to provide you with successful results. One very important aspect to consider is keeping your trays safe, so they continue to shift your teeth appropriately and efficiently. Not sure what could derail this… Read more »

iTero Scanner: Answering Your FAQs

Have you heard of the iTero Element Scanner? If not, that might be because we are offering some unique technology for our community that you may not see elsewhere. In this case, we rely on this advanced form of scanning, which allows us to gather up precise images of your smile with digital impressions (instead… Read more »

Checking In On Your Flossing!

We understand that if you’re not certain about what to choose, if you don’t know much about technique, and if you have questions, it can make it difficult to follow through with the flossing portion of your daily dental hygiene. Fortunately, we can quickly provide you with the helpful details you’re missing, so you can… Read more »