Month: December 2017

Benefits: Don’t Miss Out For 2017

If you were to schedule a visit with us right now, what would it be for? If you immediately thought to yourself when we posed our question that, in fact, you could very much use a dental visit but you figured you’d just wait until after the New Year, you just might want to re-think… Read more »

Holiday Travel: 3 Oral Health Details To Know!

When you’re traveling for holiday time, you’re focused on all the cozy fun time ahead. In a more immediate sense, you know that it’s important to be quite detailed as you plan out what you’re taking with you and how to prep before you leave your home. This might include paying bills, locking up, pet… Read more »

DIY Whitening: Not Your Best Option!

It’s possible if you head to the store and grab some DIY (do-it-yourself) teeth whitening treatments for your smile that you will see some amount of a brightening effect. However, if what you’re after is a smile that’s much whiter and that does not become harmed in the process, then you’re going to want to… Read more »