Month: October 2017

Invisalign Treatment Quiz: Are You On Target?

Do you think that you’re most definitely on target with your Invisalign treatment? Do you keep your trays stored safely? Are they sitting over your teeth for the specified amount of time that we’ve suggested for optimized care? Or, do you think that you might be close to following treatment as we have recommended but… Read more »

Best Of The Best 2017 Update: We Won!

You might remember us mentioning recently that we were in the running for The Best of the Best Springfield, OH 2017, which is held by The Springfield Chamber of Commerce. Well, we have some very exciting news: We won! We would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote and to extend a… Read more »

Halloween: 3 Tips For Your Children’s Smiles!

In case you hadn’t noticed (of course you did!), Halloween is headed for us and it’s coming up quick! While you may have already spent several years figuring out your own habits and limits when it comes to snacking on candy and protecting your teeth, that doesn’t mean you’ve got it all figured out for… Read more »

Candy Buy Back 2017!

Boo! It’s Halloween time, which means we are bursting at the seams with excitement about the upcoming holiday that is inching its way in our direction. Of course, in addition to planning and putting on amazing costumes and attending parties, the 31st of this month will also bring with it an extraordinary amount of candy…. Read more »

Happy Autumn: Schedule Your Pediatric Dentistry Visit Now!

You may be wondering why we think it’s to your benefit to schedule a pediatric dentistry visit now that we have finally made our way into autumn. Well, let’s begin with a hint: It’s almost holiday time. Yep, that means a lot of sugar, winter vacation, and more. Fortunately, coming in for a visit now… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment: 2 More Ways To Camouflage Care

You know that when you choose Invisalign treatment, you’re getting the exceptional benefit of a treatment that is very hard for others to see. When you’re wearing your trays, their clear finish and thin, near-your-teeth shape will make it look more like you’ve got bare teeth and less like you’re going through orthodontic care. However,… Read more »