Month: September 2017

iTero Scanner: Who It Helps

In a general sense, the iTero Scanner will help anyone who is seeking orthodontic work or requires impressions for other reasons. If you’re not up to speed just yet: It’s a handheld scanner that gathers digital impressions of your teeth. This means you can say goodbye to the metal-tray-and-putty days of impressions and hello to… Read more »

Pediatric Dentistry: 2 Things That Make It Special

As special as your kids are, they deserve specialized care for their smiles! Fortunately, you don’t have to look too far to make sure your children are receiving the compassionate, detailed dental care they require. We are happy to offer pediatric dentistry, so your little kids, teens, and everyone in between have access to the… Read more »

General Dentistry: What You Should Be Doing

When it comes to relying on general dentistry for the needs of your family, there are some things you should be doing for yourself, your spouse, and your little ones. Then, there are those things you could be doing if you so wished. What’s the difference? What does your smile require, you wonder, to ensure… Read more »