Dental Cleaning Tailored to Your Teeth

Professional dental cleanings are a fundamental part of preserving your teeth throughout the course of your life. Proper oral hygiene at home is crucial to keeping cavities away, but you should also be visiting your dentist twice per year for checkups and cleanings. Even the most diligent home brushers and flossers still need help reaching certain surfaces and maintaining their teeth. At your dentist’s office, you’ll receive a dental cleaning that is tailored to your teeth. You’ll also receive advice on how to care for your teeth and additional preventive treatment if necessary.

In-Office Dental Cleanings Reach Every Surface

Using the right technology can make it easier to clean your teeth. Electric toothbrushes allow you to reach certain surfaces within your mouth and brush there more effectively than you can with a traditional toothbrush. Cleanings through your dentist’s office are like using an electric toothbrush, but even better. You have the benefit of a professional conducting the cleaning. They can visually examine your teeth and ensure that they’re reaching every surface as they clean. Doing this every six months prevents any hidden bacterial buildup.

Imaging Technology Gives Your Oral Health Professional a Better View

When it comes to cleaning, it’s important that you can see the thing you’re trying to clean. Not only do dental hygienists have a better vantage point as they clean your teeth, but they also have access to imaging technology that gives them a view you could never see. Digital x-rays allow your oral health professional to get a complete picture of what’s happening inside your mouth. They can see cavities and structural issues developing before the naked eye ever would. Using this imaging technology allows them to tailor your cleaning to you.

Preventive Treatment Options Will Set You Up for Success

It’s important to have your teeth cleaned professionally every six months, because it removes dangerous buildup that can destroy your teeth and gums. During this time, your dentist can also recommend additional preventive treatment that is tailored to your specific needs. If you are prone to cavities, your dentist might recommend a fluoride rinse and additional brushing throughout the day. Individualized instructions and attention for your teeth are something you can only get when you work with a professional. Finding the right dental experience for you can lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth.


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