Month: May 2019

Don’t Order Your Straight Smile At Home

You have likely seen the options by now: They’re smile clubs, they’re get-your-braces-in-the-mail solutions, and they seem like the easiest way in the world to end up with a straight smile! However, if there’s a little part of you that’s feeling uneasy about this idea, and a little voice in your head saying something like,… Read more »

3 Oral Health Problems To Treat Right Now!  

Of course, the best time to treat any oral health problem is right now. However, our Springfield, OH team knows that there are certain issues that come up for patients that are frequently ignored for some time. There are unique circumstances that cause individuals to assume they have lots of time or that the issue… Read more »

Tooth Cracks: Prevention, Considerations, And Treatment!

There are some smile-related topics nobody really wants to think about or talk about. One of them? Tooth cracks! While it would be lovely if you could avoid any and all types of oral health damage throughout the course of your life, you may wonder, but what if it happens to you? You may also… Read more »

Your Clear Drink FAQs: Harmful Or Perfectly Fine?

Did you fall under the impression that all clear drinks are safe for your oral health, only to suddenly realize this might not really be quite right? Perhaps you began by assuming all clear beverages are safe when you’re trying to avoid stains but somewhere along the way, you got your signals mixed up! Whatever… Read more »

Denture Problems: Let Us Help You!

Maybe you bite down into something and you realize that you damaged your full or partial denture. Perhaps you don’t remember damaging it but you have begun to notice that it just doesn’t fit the way it used to. No matter what’s happening, if you know something isn’t quite right with your prosthetic, our Springfield,… Read more »