Month: October 2019

Smile Protection: 3 Steps To Reviving Your Dental Care

If your dental care isn’t all that it should be, then you’re fully aware you’re not giving your grin everything it needs for optimal smile protection. With this comes the realization that you may be guiding your oral health toward problems, which can lead to some serious stress. What can you do, you ask our… Read more »

National Brush Day: Discussion, Action, Protection 

Have you and your family ever celebrated National Brush Day before? If not, then you are certainly in for a treat that will make you feel exponentially better about the sweets you and your kids are enjoying on Halloween! After all, this smile-focused holiday is celebrated the very next day! Its primary focus? Reminding everyone… Read more »

Smile Stains: The Why, The Visit, The Solutions! 

It’s the type of thing that you find causes you to cringe as you say it: “I need help with my smile stains!” First, you don’t really know where they came from, which is certainly something worthy of a bit of emotional distress (particularly if you do your best to care for your smile). Next,… Read more »

What Makes Autumn And Winter Wonderful For Orthodontics?

You can feel like you’re really missing the context you need, sometimes, when you realize you can technically choose to begin your orthodontic care any time you wish. Should you decide by season, you wonder? What makes one time more worthy of beginning this exciting journey toward a straight smile better than others? While this… Read more »

Your Smile Care Note-To-Self: Write It All Down! 

Smile care is something that you need to keep up with on a daily basis, if you are interested in keeping your grin healthy and beautiful! There are also some long-term details to keep up with. Of course, it all seems like it’s quite manageable, until you wake up and suddenly remember that you should… Read more »