Month: January 2017

Tooth Loss: 3 Reasons To Address It

When you suffer from tooth loss, you can experience a broad spectrum of emotions and responses to the open space (or spaces) in your smile. You may feel upset, not too worried about it, extremely embarrassed about the way your smile looks, and more. Regardless of the way you feel, we encourage you to remember… Read more »

Getting To Know: Invisalign Treatment

Have you long heard about the benefits of Invisalign treatment? Perhaps you have had friends tell you about their experiences but you don’t know much more than that. If you’re on the search for a way to align your smile but you don’t necessarily love the idea of traditional braces, chances are good you are… Read more »

Repairing Your Tooth With Beautiful Results

When you discover that your tooth is in need of a serious repair, you might find yourself feeling a surprising mix of emotions. On one hand, you are thrilled to be near the relief you want, so your tooth is healthy, whole, and functional again. On the other hand, you may feel extreme worry regarding… Read more »

Your Pathway To A Straighter Smile

Are you someone who is feeling more and more unhappy with your misaligned smile? If you’re hoping to achieve a straighter smile, you may be a bit surprised to find out that more than one pathway can yield a beautifully uniform grin. Before you make any assumptions about what it takes to go from a… Read more »