Why Do I Need Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction can seem like a pretty drastic measure. Most dentistry is about preserving your teeth, so why would you want to extract one or more of them? Tooth extraction is a preventive procedure that can address current oral health issues and circumvent new ones. Tooth extraction may be performed for a number of reasons, but ultimately, it is always for the sake of your overall health. If your dentist is recommending tooth extraction, it needs to be done. In this blog, we cover the process and different reasons why your tooth may need to be extracted.

Tooth Extraction Is Performed on Teeth That Pose a Risk for Other Teeth

Most tooth extraction is performed for preventive reasons. The goal is to prevent a problem tooth from causing harm to other teeth. This is why wisdom teeth are typically extracted. These additional molars can become impacted and start to grow into your other teeth. This can cause a harmful shift in your bite, or even damage your healthy teeth. Not all teeth grow into place perfectly on their own. When a tooth is growing in a way that could disrupt your entire set of teeth, this tooth needs to be extracted.

The Same Is True for Teeth That Can’t Be Salvaged

Another condition for extraction is when your tooth cannot be saved by restorative dentistry. When your teeth become damaged by infection, restorative procedures like dental crowns and dental fillings can often be used to repair the damage. If you fail to treat your teeth in a timely fashion, a simple filling or crown may not be enough. The infection may spread to the roots of your tooth can cause infection in your gums or other surrounding teeth. In these cases, your dentist may recommend extraction to prevent your problems from compounding.

After Tooth Extraction, a Dental Prosthetic Can Replace Your Missing Tooth

Is tooth extraction the end of the line for your tooth? No. While your natural tooth may need to be removed, your dentist can still outfit you with a dental prosthetic. Options like dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants all provide you with a functional tooth replacement. You’ll want to replace the missing tooth so that you can chew comfortably, and so that your smile isn’t disrupted. You’ll also want to choose a dental prosthetic to keep all of your teeth aligned and your bite functioning normally.


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