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The Basics of Pediatric Dental Care

Healthy teeth don’t just happen on their own. While genetics play a role in how likely you are to experience cavity formation, you still have control over your teeth. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly can deter cavities and gum disease. When did you start brushing and flossing your teeth? It was probably at an… Read more »

National Brush Day: Discussion, Action, Protection 

Have you and your family ever celebrated National Brush Day before? If not, then you are certainly in for a treat that will make you feel exponentially better about the sweets you and your kids are enjoying on Halloween! After all, this smile-focused holiday is celebrated the very next day! Its primary focus? Reminding everyone… Read more »

What Makes Autumn And Winter Wonderful For Orthodontics?

You can feel like you’re really missing the context you need, sometimes, when you realize you can technically choose to begin your orthodontic care any time you wish. Should you decide by season, you wonder? What makes one time more worthy of beginning this exciting journey toward a straight smile better than others? While this… Read more »

Tie Up Loose Ends Before Class Is Back In Session! 

You may feel like the arrival of summer’s second half is bittersweet. On one hand, you’re going to feel ready for the routine of school to be back in session, so you know just what to expect out of every single day. On the other hand, those sweet kiddos are going to be at school… Read more »

4 Ways We Can Guide Your Child’s Smile (Toward Success)

Caring for your child’s smile means guiding a grin that is in the process of growing, changing, and developing and that will be doing so for many years! From the time your child is born until your kiddo becomes an adult, there’s quite a lot to consider. Teeth and gums require guidance from a team… Read more »

Children’s Smile Care: How We Make It Gentle

Yes, of course, you hear our Springfield, OH team telling you that we offer a gentle approach to pediatric dental care, which puts you at ease a bit. After all, bringing your child in to the dentist can be scarier for parents than for kiddos. You want to be sure you’re introducing them to a… Read more »

The Right Time To Put Your Child In Braces: Why Start Now?

You may wonder why we think getting your child started with orthodontic care very soon is a very good idea. After all, it’s February. Is there something special you’re overlooking, you wonder, in terms of this month’s connection to braces? Actually, there is a very important detail to consider: If you call our Springfield, OH… Read more »

February Is: National Children’s Dental Health Month

There are a lot of things you may already know about what February represents, of course, particularly if you are a very big fan of Valentine’s Day! However, if we set that truly lovely holiday aside for just a second, there is something else worth considering: The second month of the year is also National… Read more »

Trick Or Treat? Try Our Halloween Tricks For A Safe Night!

When you’re reminiscing about your days of trick or treating (and you’re looking forward to bringing your kiddos out to have the same magical experience), we happen to be here to help. Since we are dental professionals, we aren’t planning on handing you a bowlful of sugary treats. However, we would like to offer you… Read more »

How Do Dental Sealants Protect Little Smiles?

Even when children brush and floss, they may still be susceptible to tooth decay. For many kids, reaching the back teeth becomes difficult and makes the onset of cavities more likely. However, we can help children in Springfield, OH, with our preventive dental sealants.