Month: February 2019

Tidying Up Your Smile: What’s Missing?

How would you say you’re doing with your smile these days? Would you say that you care for it daily, just as we suggest, and there are no hidden issues or concern you’ve placed on the back burner? Or, would you have to readily admit that you are having trouble staying on top of day-to-day… Read more »

The Ever-Inconvenient Toothache: What To Do?

There’s never anything convenient about having a toothache. It’s uncomfortable, it can interrupt short-term plans, and it can throw off your whole schedule! Nobody wants one. However, they happen from time to time! When they do, if you know just what to do from start to finish to say goodbye to the pain (and the… Read more »

The Right Time To Put Your Child In Braces: Why Start Now?

You may wonder why we think getting your child started with orthodontic care very soon is a very good idea. After all, it’s February. Is there something special you’re overlooking, you wonder, in terms of this month’s connection to braces? Actually, there is a very important detail to consider: If you call our Springfield, OH… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: 3 Common Questions About Results

The idea of receiving teeth whitening is usually one that puts a smile on our patients’ faces. However, our Springfield, OH team often realizes quite quickly that our patients are immediately invested in the details when they consider cosmetic care! When it comes to whitening, most concerns center around results. Will the results be amazing,… Read more »