Month: December 2018

Why In Office Teeth Whitening Might Be For You

In the natural processes of life, teeth can gradually becoming yellowed and discolored. Luckily, there are many options for teeth-whitening in Springfield, OH, the most common cosmetic procedure that dental patients undergo. Along with a variety of not-always-effective over the counter teeth-whitening options, there are two general types of teeth-whitening products that your dentist can oversee…. Read more »

Why Skipping Your Dental Floss Can Prove Disastrous

You may have managed to convince yourself over time that flossing is the very least important thing you need to consider when your goal is oral health protection. We know: You think that as long as you follow through with dental visits and brushing, you’re probably A-OK. However, our Springfield, OH team is here to… Read more »

Your Mistletoe Moment: What’s It Mean To You?

While you usually don’t see it coming, when you end up standing beneath a lovely little bunch of mistletoe with another unsuspecting party-goer, there are many different reactions you may have. First, you may feel over-the-moon relieved that you’ve been keeping up with your smile because, even if you choose to respond to the mistletoe… Read more »

Erase Your Fears: 3 Reasons To Straighten Your Smile In 2019

Did you really, really want to align your smile in 2018? However, did you find that you ended up facing some level of fear or anxiety at every turn? If you think that this is something our Springfield, OH team cannot possibly understand, think again: We happen to see patients just like you on a… Read more »