Month: January 2019

Xylitol: What It Is, Why It’s Great, How To Enjoy It!

So, you keep hearing about xylitol and that it may be better for your oral health than sugar but you don’t really know much more than that. Any time you hear that you can swap something out for the delightful sweetness of real sugar, you think to yourself that there must be some catch! However,… Read more »

February Is: National Children’s Dental Health Month

There are a lot of things you may already know about what February represents, of course, particularly if you are a very big fan of Valentine’s Day! However, if we set that truly lovely holiday aside for just a second, there is something else worth considering: The second month of the year is also National… Read more »

Back To Basics: Things Your Smile Really Needs

When you really get right down to it, you can very easily protect your oral health. However, if you have never really spent a moment reflecting on what your smile needs in order to remain in good shape, then the process of keeping things in order can feel a bit scattered and uncertain rather than… Read more »

3 Comfortable Things That May Completely Shock You!

One of the big, major reasons patients decide not to call and to schedule the care that they need? They’re worried that some aspect of dental care is going to include discomfort. To this, our Springfield, OH team says: One of our big, major goals is to ensure that every last part of your experience… Read more »

3 Reasons to Never Skip Your Dental Cleaning Appointment

Regular dental checkup and cleaning appointments are essential to a good hygiene routine, but you may not realize just how important is to make it to every single appointment, without fail. If you stick the schedule consistently, then you might mistakenly think that missing a visit won’t matter much. However, the point of a dental… Read more »