Month: December 2019

How Do You Protect a Damaged Tooth?

Damaged teeth can present a real problem when it comes to your oral health future. Not only do they often look unappealing, but they also compromise the integrity of your bite. A tooth that has been damaged beyond the repair of a dental filling needs more serious treatment to prevent tooth loss and/or problems for… Read more »

Professional Whitening Gives Your Teeth New Life

Everyone’s smile can lose a bit of its luster over time. If you’ve noticed your teeth fading or yellowing, you’re not alone. Staining is a common occurrence for many patients. The cause of this issue is completely natural, too. When you eat, drink, and use certain lifestyle products, your teeth are subjected to pigments. These… Read more »

The Benefits of a Professional Dental Cleaning

Cleaning your teeth keeps them safe and healthy when faced with the threat of bacteria. As bacteria build up, they can cause cavities and gum disease. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing your teeth can remove this bacterial buildup and prevent the development of cavities. A daily cleaning schedule at home is vital… Read more »

Help Your Little Ones Look Their Best in Holiday Photos

The holidays are here! That likely means that you and the family will be heading to at least one big gathering, and when you’re there, you want your little ones to look their best. You may not be able to prevent your kiddos from spilling on their holiday outfit, but you can set them up… Read more »

Why Do Orthodontics Matter?

Dentistry helps you take care of your teeth, keeping them healthy and looking their best. What do you do when your teeth experience some sort of natural irregularity? That’s when orthodontics can help. Orthodontics can correct for misalignment and occlusion issues with your teeth. This can create a cosmetic improvement, which is why most people… Read more »