Month: November 2018

Helpful Christmas Reminders To Keep Your Smile Safe!

As Christmas inches closer and closer, you have lots on your mind, a ton to take care of, and you’re doing your best to keep a smile on your face! While there may be a seriously long list to work your way through, the goal is to have a lovely, joy-filled holiday, of course. With… Read more »

3 Things To Be Sure Haven’t Left Your Dental Hygiene

When you come in for a dental visit and you check in with us, we talk with you about your dental care habits! We tell you all about the things you’re doing correctly, some areas that may require improvement, and you go home with clean smile and what often feels like a clean slate! What… Read more »

Best Of The Best 2018!

Ready for some of the best news ever? Our Springfield, OH practice won Best Of The Best in Springfield in the “best dentist/orthodontist” and “best employer” categories! We could not be more thrilled and, of course, have you (our loyal and lovely patients) to thank for making up our dental care family! We are so… Read more »

Dental Care: When A Case of The “What If” Questions Hits!

If there’s one thing that is very true about patients, it’s that a case of the “what if” questions is something that can affect anyone and that can leave you wondering what on earth you should do for your smile. As any type of uncertainty or anxiety grows, it may cause you to shy away… Read more »