Month: August 2018

Why You Find Your Smile Unsightly (And What To Do)

Are you someone who would describe your smile as “unsightly” or “unattractive?” Do you use some other negative adjective when talking about the way your smile looks? If so, know that this isn’t something that’s going to have to continue forever. Fortunately, you have access a whole wealth of solutions that can have you saying,… Read more »

Wintertime Reminder: Is Your Smile Going To Be Ready?

Yes, you are correct: We usually offer you wintertime reminders about your oral health when it’s actually chilly outside! However, there are important reasons our Springfield, OH team wants you to recognize that you just might need to get planning right now. In short: If you have any dreams about your smile health, it’s appearance,… Read more »

Xylitol: How To Say It And Why It’s Good For Your Smile!

If you frequent health food or gourmet stores, you have friends who are just as interested as you are in protecting your oral health, or you’re just a bit of a fanatic when it comes to learning about natural ingredients, then xylitol may have crossed your path! While this visually confounding word may have piqued… Read more »

Early Detection: The 3 Things You Really Need To Know

Early detection is a phrase you hear a lot in the dental and medical world. What patients are often unaware of at the start is the fact that this is brought up so frequently because in most cases, a disease or problem is easier to treat as it begins and more difficult to treat successfully… Read more »

Smile Help: When Food Keeps Getting Stuck During Meals!

Would you say that one of the most frustrating challenges you find yourself faced with when it comes to your smile health is the fact that you always end up with food stuck between teeth after you eat? While this might sound like “no big deal,” it can actually present you with discomfort and even… Read more »