Month: March 2018

Let’s Talk iTero Benefits!

Have you recently discovered through a visit at our practice that we will need to gather impressions of your smile? If so, you may have initially felt a twinge of anxiety. Fortunately, that likely lasted only about a second until we informed you that our practice utilizes the iTero scanning system, which makes for an… Read more »

Pregnant? Remember 3 Smile-Related Details.

Particularly if this is your first pregnancy, you may find that you have a surprisingly long list of questions show up that you never even thought about before. One of those inquiries, of course, may be: What should I do about dental care now that I’m pregnant? If you were worried that you’re too late… Read more »

Spring Cleaning: 3 Ways To Clean Up Your Dental Care!

Have you gotten into spring cleaning mode just yet? As you’re doing your best to gather up motivation for all things sorting, organizing, cleaning, and more, you may wish to use some of your energy and guide it toward cleaning up your dental care, too! If you think something isn’t quite on track, then now… Read more »

Spring: A Wonderful Time For Teeth Whitening

The weather is warming up and we are headed toward the arrival of spring. This means many things, including some potential changes to your social calendar. Do you feel ready to see old friends, family, and to be the subject of many a selfie and photograph? If your discolored grin is causing you to shake… Read more »