Month: February 2020

Understanding the Parts and Function of Braces

Orthodontics are an important component of your overall oral health. You may think of braces as something you wear to create a straighter smile, but it’s really the function and longevity of your bite that you’re trying to preserve. Straight teeth are easier to clean, and they don’t cause damage to one another. A bite… Read more »

Prevent Gum Disease Easily

Prevention is the best way to avoid the complications that come with any sort of serious disease or condition. In the case of your periodontal health, prevention is relatively straightforward. You simply need to stop bacteria from building up around and beneath your gum line. Keeping your gums healthy doesn’t take a bunch of extra… Read more »

Straighten Your Teeth the Modern Way

Could your teeth be straighter? Would it improve the appearance of your smile? A clean, straight smile looks great in pictures, and it gives you confidence in every type of setting. Very few people’s teeth grow in straight, however. For many, there are a few crooked or overlapping teeth. In serious cases of misalignment, you’ll… Read more »

Digital Tooth Impressions Make a Difference

Dental technology innovations are designed to create a better experience for patients by increasing the accuracy of instruments used by dentists. When oral health professionals have better tools, they can make things easier for their patients. One of the most helpful innovations in dentistry has been the use of digital impressions. When your dentist needs… Read more »