Month: February 2018

2 Tips For Keeping A Straight Smile Aligned

You come in for your final orthodontic treatment visit, revealing a beautifully aligned grin! The day has finally come and you take one look at your smile in the mirror and cannot believe how lovely it looks. While this is absolutely wonderful and the moment you’ve been waiting for, you may wonder if there’s a… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment: More Comfortable Than You Think

There may be many things that you love about Invisalign treatment as you learn more. However, you may have a nagging concern that keeps you wondering: Is prepping for this treatment, receiving it, and actually going through the day-to-day with your trays in place going to be comfortable? Or, are you going to find yourself… Read more »

Smile Reminder For A February Celebration!

Did you know that February gives you a couple of things to smile about? “Is it Valentine’s Day?” you wonder. The answer is: Yes! That’s one of them. However, there’s something else to recognize this month that you may be overlooking. While grinning about protecting your healthy smile is certainly something you can do any… Read more »

Smile Safe Favorites For Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is all about love, which may cause you to wonder why the way we celebrate is often not so loving toward our smiles! True, it is quite lovely to indulge in a box of candies but did you ever wonder if there was some way to celebrate this holiday without going overboard on… Read more »