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Straighten Your Teeth the Modern Way

Could your teeth be straighter? Would it improve the appearance of your smile? A clean, straight smile looks great in pictures, and it gives you confidence in every type of setting. Very few people’s teeth grow in straight, however. For many, there are a few crooked or overlapping teeth. In serious cases of misalignment, you’ll… Read more »

If You Haven’t Asked About Invisalign®, Now’s the Time

When teeth are crooked, the resulting impacts can affect almost every aspect of your oral health. These impacts grow worse over time, so waiting to straighten them may only make the condition worse. However, many teen and adult patients may still hesitate out of fear of wearing orthodontic braces. At our Springfield, OH, dental office,… Read more »

Why Aligning Your Smile With Us Is Stress Free 

When you take an objective look at the idea of receiving orthodontic care from our Springfield, OH team, you realize that achieving an aligned smile is to your advantage. It helps you enjoy improved oral health, thanks to better bite balance, more effective dental hygiene, and the list goes on. Oh, and you’ll probably feel… Read more »

Dream Big! What Smile Goals Do You Wish You Could Reach?

Smile goals can feel a little overwhelming at times. They can even feel nearly impossible when you’re seeing something far from it in the mirror! While you may not know what it’s going to take to transform your current smile into the vision you see in your dreams, we are happy to remind you that… Read more »

Chewing Problems: Get Your Smile In Tip Top Shape!

If there’s one thing that can really inhibit your ability to comfortably use your smile for one of its primary functions, it’s chewing problems! Your smile allows you to emote your feelings, to speak, and to eat your food. So, what are you supposed to do when chewing is clearly presenting a problem, you wonder?… Read more »

Don’t Order Your Straight Smile At Home

You have likely seen the options by now: They’re smile clubs, they’re get-your-braces-in-the-mail solutions, and they seem like the easiest way in the world to end up with a straight smile! However, if there’s a little part of you that’s feeling uneasy about this idea, and a little voice in your head saying something like,… Read more »

3 Big Reasons To Say “Yes” To Teen Orthodontic Care

Your teenager comes to you asking about orthodontic care. You realize that your child’s smile could appear straighter, gaps could be closed, etc., but as far as you know, it’s just esthetic. You aren’t necessarily against braces or other treatments but you don’t know if it’s really a priority. Can’t your child just receive this… Read more »

Erase Your Fears: 3 Reasons To Straighten Your Smile In 2019

Did you really, really want to align your smile in 2018? However, did you find that you ended up facing some level of fear or anxiety at every turn? If you think that this is something our Springfield, OH team cannot possibly understand, think again: We happen to see patients just like you on a… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment: More Comfortable Than You Think

There may be many things that you love about Invisalign treatment as you learn more. However, you may have a nagging concern that keeps you wondering: Is prepping for this treatment, receiving it, and actually going through the day-to-day with your trays in place going to be comfortable? Or, are you going to find yourself… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment Quiz: Are You On Target?

Do you think that you’re most definitely on target with your Invisalign treatment? Do you keep your trays stored safely? Are they sitting over your teeth for the specified amount of time that we’ve suggested for optimized care? Or, do you think that you might be close to following treatment as we have recommended but… Read more »