Month: May 2018

Your Toothbrush: Let’s Make Sure You’re Getting It Right!

If you’re brushing the way we suggest, you’re doing it frequently enough, and you’re thorough, then your dental hygiene should be working out just fine, right? Especially if you’re remembering that you need to floss, as well, you think to yourself! However, there’s more to effective brushing than just going through the correct motions and… Read more »

FAQs: Aren’t I Too Old For Smile Care?

Among the things you believe wholeheartedly about your dental health and your grin in general, details regarding your age may frequently come into play. If you have ever asked a question similar to, “but aren’t I too old?” for something involving your smile care, then it’s time for us to step in with some very… Read more »

Nightguards: Saving Your Teeth And Jaw Joints

You may have heard about the types of mouthguards you wear during the day when you’re participating in a sporting event. As you know, they offer a cushion and shock absorption that can provide exceptional protection to your teeth and your surrounding framework. So, what can you expect from a nightguard, you may wonder to… Read more »

Fillings: 3 Things To Always Remember

There’s just something about learning you need a dental filling that can make your smile quickly turn into a frown. As we have learned over the years, this is generally because patients are missing out on key information that, once they learn about it, gives them all of the confidence and emotional relief they need… Read more »

How We Help With Common Dental Phobias

There are some common dental phobias that can, unfortunately, prevent some patients from scheduling the dental visits they otherwise feel very motivated to set up for themselves. We’d like to address a few of the major ones that pop up in order to show you that we’re certainly on your side! Whatever is causing you… Read more »