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Understanding the Parts and Function of Braces

Orthodontics are an important component of your overall oral health. You may think of braces as something you wear to create a straighter smile, but it’s really the function and longevity of your bite that you’re trying to preserve. Straight teeth are easier to clean, and they don’t cause damage to one another. A bite… Read more »

Know How to Care for Your Braces

Orthodontic treatment with braces can effectively realign your bite, straightening your smile and protecting your teeth from premature wear. Braces are typically a long-term treatment method. You may have your braces for up to two years, and you’ll want to be sure that you care for the braces and your teeth properly during that time… Read more »

Why Do Orthodontics Matter?

Dentistry helps you take care of your teeth, keeping them healthy and looking their best. What do you do when your teeth experience some sort of natural irregularity? That’s when orthodontics can help. Orthodontics can correct for misalignment and occlusion issues with your teeth. This can create a cosmetic improvement, which is why most people… Read more »

What Makes Autumn And Winter Wonderful For Orthodontics?

You can feel like you’re really missing the context you need, sometimes, when you realize you can technically choose to begin your orthodontic care any time you wish. Should you decide by season, you wonder? What makes one time more worthy of beginning this exciting journey toward a straight smile better than others? While this… Read more »

Why Aligning Your Smile With Us Is Stress Free 

When you take an objective look at the idea of receiving orthodontic care from our Springfield, OH team, you realize that achieving an aligned smile is to your advantage. It helps you enjoy improved oral health, thanks to better bite balance, more effective dental hygiene, and the list goes on. Oh, and you’ll probably feel… Read more »

Digital Impressions: 4 Types Of Patients Who Will Really Appreciate Them

Of course, just about everyone out there can appreciate the comfort and convenience that comes with our Springfield, OH practice’s decision to rely on digital impressions with the help of the iTero system! With that said, we are also well aware that there are patients getting ready to begin with orthodontic treatment who feel exceptional… Read more »

Don’t Order Your Straight Smile At Home

You have likely seen the options by now: They’re smile clubs, they’re get-your-braces-in-the-mail solutions, and they seem like the easiest way in the world to end up with a straight smile! However, if there’s a little part of you that’s feeling uneasy about this idea, and a little voice in your head saying something like,… Read more »

Children’s Smile Care: How We Make It Gentle

Yes, of course, you hear our Springfield, OH team telling you that we offer a gentle approach to pediatric dental care, which puts you at ease a bit. After all, bringing your child in to the dentist can be scarier for parents than for kiddos. You want to be sure you’re introducing them to a… Read more »

3 Big Reasons To Say “Yes” To Teen Orthodontic Care

Your teenager comes to you asking about orthodontic care. You realize that your child’s smile could appear straighter, gaps could be closed, etc., but as far as you know, it’s just esthetic. You aren’t necessarily against braces or other treatments but you don’t know if it’s really a priority. Can’t your child just receive this… Read more »

The Right Time To Put Your Child In Braces: Why Start Now?

You may wonder why we think getting your child started with orthodontic care very soon is a very good idea. After all, it’s February. Is there something special you’re overlooking, you wonder, in terms of this month’s connection to braces? Actually, there is a very important detail to consider: If you call our Springfield, OH… Read more »