Month: April 2018

Family Dental Care: The Things You’re Looking For

Seeking family dental care is a tough job. You want to feel good (no … excellent) about the team providing oral health care to yourself and your family members! You also want to make sure you’re not walking into a situation in which a practice offers care for the very essentials but will refer you… Read more »

3 Ways To Get Excited About Dental Care

If you’re not feeling very excited about dental care, there’s a good chance that by learning a lot more about our practice (without having to spend too much time), you may change your tune! There are some easy ways you can start motivating yourself to care for your oral health and most of it only… Read more »

Making Sure Dental Care Is Convenient And Accessible

There are many reasons we hear from patients that they feel it’s very difficult to receive necessary dental care and, often, why they’ve been away from it for a very long time. As dental professionals, of course, our goal is to ensure care for your smile is convenient, that it’s accessible, and that you feel… Read more »

Tips For Your Kiddos: National Facial Protection Month

As you know, adult professional athletes wear mouthguards to protect their mouths. Professional cyclists wear helmets. So, it stands to reason that much less experienced amateurs should probably wear some sort of protection, too, right? While this certainly applies to all ages, it most definitely applies to your children and their oral health. The reason… Read more »