Month: April 2019

Don’t Let Smile Concerns Embarrass You! Come See Us!

Are you feeling particularly embarrassed about something in regard to your smile? Maybe it has something to do with your child’s teeth and, though you know a visit is the smartest decision, you’re still feeling a bit bashful. Perhaps it’s about your own smile and, though you do your best with smile care, this is… Read more »

Children’s Smile Care: How We Make It Gentle

Yes, of course, you hear our Springfield, OH team telling you that we offer a gentle approach to pediatric dental care, which puts you at ease a bit. After all, bringing your child in to the dentist can be scarier for parents than for kiddos. You want to be sure you’re introducing them to a… Read more »

4 C-Reminders: Enjoying Successful, Relaxing Fillings

Of course, you might not jump up and down when you learn that you need a dental filling. After all, you require a filling because of tooth decay, which is something you would prefer to avoid. The silver lining, however, is that from this not-so-great news comes some very helpful and happy advice that will… Read more »

Your Yucky Breath: Why Is This Happening?

When you go through the details and you’re sure you’ve brushed your teeth every day for as long as you can remember … and you’ve stopped eating super-seasoned meals … you find yourself at a loss for answers. You have bad breath but you cannot seem to put your finger on even one possible reason… Read more »