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Prevent Gum Disease Easily

Prevention is the best way to avoid the complications that come with any sort of serious disease or condition. In the case of your periodontal health, prevention is relatively straightforward. You simply need to stop bacteria from building up around and beneath your gum line. Keeping your gums healthy doesn’t take a bunch of extra… Read more »

How To Get An A+ In Dental Care

Of course you would prefer to get an A+ in dental care, if you were to be graded, than to receive anything else! So, whether you feel you’re already getting super-high marks or if you can readily admit your efforts are only somewhat satisfactory, we’re here to help. With some clarification and simple suggestions from… Read more »

Smile Sensitivity: What Exactly Is Going On?

In addition to the fact that smile sensitivity can seem to show up out of nowhere, there’s the fact that you may have no idea why it’s happening! This, of course, feels like adding insult to injury. Not only are you dealing with discomfort but as for how to proceed with making things better (or… Read more »

Smile Protection: 3 Steps To Reviving Your Dental Care

If your dental care isn’t all that it should be, then you’re fully aware you’re not giving your grin everything it needs for optimal smile protection. With this comes the realization that you may be guiding your oral health toward problems, which can lead to some serious stress. What can you do, you ask our… Read more »

National Brush Day: Discussion, Action, Protection 

Have you and your family ever celebrated National Brush Day before? If not, then you are certainly in for a treat that will make you feel exponentially better about the sweets you and your kids are enjoying on Halloween! After all, this smile-focused holiday is celebrated the very next day! Its primary focus? Reminding everyone… Read more »

Don’t Let Cavities Get You Down: You’ve Got Us!

We know that it’s never welcome news to learn that you have a cavity. However, our Springfield, OH team would absolutely love to help shift your perspective in regard to this very common oral health issue! From helping you recognize that tooth decay is actually something you can easily prevent to reminding you that if… Read more »

Don’t Ignore Gum Changes! See Us Soon. 

When all is well with your gum health, you probably won’t spend very much time thinking about your gums. They’ll display a pale pink color, they won’t feel like much of anything, and you’ll just go about your usual brushing, flossing, and other daily tasks like you usually do. However, when you look up one day… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Products: Very Important Reminders

You may not spend a lot of time thinking about the collection of dental hygiene products you have amassed and that you access on a daily basis to keep your smile clean and safe! However, since we have your attention, we remind you that this aspect of your dental care is certainly something that we… Read more »

Bad Breath and What to Do About It

Bad breath can sometimes be a minor annoyance that is eliminated with a piece of sugar free gum or a breath mint, and a reminder to keep certain foods off the menu. Other times, it can be a symptom that something is going on, and needs attention from a caring family dentist in Springfield, OH…. Read more »

Your Yucky Breath: Why Is This Happening?

When you go through the details and you’re sure you’ve brushed your teeth every day for as long as you can remember … and you’ve stopped eating super-seasoned meals … you find yourself at a loss for answers. You have bad breath but you cannot seem to put your finger on even one possible reason… Read more »