Month: August 2017

Orthodontic Care Tips: Keeping Your Braces Safe!

When you’re receiving orthodontic care in the form of traditional braces, you might find that one of your biggest challenges is figuring out maintenance. You want your oral health to stay safe, you want your brackets and wires to remain in place, and you want treatment to move along as effectively as it can! As… Read more »

After Orthodontics FAQs: What Happens Next?

Congratulations! You’re about to finish your orthodontic treatment, which means you are just about to see your beautifully aligned smile in its finished state! You can say goodbye to the serious shifting of your teeth and to wondering about the end of your care because it is about to arrive. However, a little voice in… Read more »

Will I Qualify For Invisalign Treatment?

While you might feel 100 percent ready for Invisalign treatment, you may worry that clear aligner trays are not exactly ready for your smile. Do you have a type of misalignment that we can treat with this system, you wonder? Will you look foolish coming to see us to ask about Invisalign because you’re the… Read more »

Pediatric Dental Care: FAQs

There’s nothing quite like doing your best to protect your child’s smile! You want to keep those precious little teeth pristine forever but it’s not always easy to pay attention to every last detail. To set your mind at ease, we would like to remind you that we offer pediatric dental care at our practice…. Read more »

Dental Impressions: Why You Can Really Relax

Whether you’ve had dental impressions in the past or not, you might find that you feel a little more nervous than you thought you would be about your upcoming visit. Of course, the fact that you’re beginning your adventure toward a beautiful, healthy smile is quite an incentive. However, the unknown can become a bit… Read more »

Orthodontic Care Q&A: Who Is It For?

If you’ve been looking at your smile in the mirror lately, glancing at photos, and realizing that you wish you’d had braces as a kid, you might feel slightly conflicted. You want to ask us about orthodontic care for your smile but if you have preconceived ideas about who this type of treatment is appropriate… Read more »