Month: November 2019

Smile Gifts: When All You Want For Christmas Is Your…

When the holidays roll around, it’s easy to become focused on gifts that include home goods, clothing, cosmetics, and more! However, one area for potential gift-giving that may remain overlooked but that’s just as fantastic as any other? Your smile! Don’t forget to include anything you really want for Christmas on your wish list, whether… Read more »

If You Haven’t Asked About Invisalign®, Now’s the Time

When teeth are crooked, the resulting impacts can affect almost every aspect of your oral health. These impacts grow worse over time, so waiting to straighten them may only make the condition worse. However, many teen and adult patients may still hesitate out of fear of wearing orthodontic braces. At our Springfield, OH, dental office,… Read more »

How To Get An A+ In Dental Care

Of course you would prefer to get an A+ in dental care, if you were to be graded, than to receive anything else! So, whether you feel you’re already getting super-high marks or if you can readily admit your efforts are only somewhat satisfactory, we’re here to help. With some clarification and simple suggestions from… Read more »

Smile Sensitivity: What Exactly Is Going On?

In addition to the fact that smile sensitivity can seem to show up out of nowhere, there’s the fact that you may have no idea why it’s happening! This, of course, feels like adding insult to injury. Not only are you dealing with discomfort but as for how to proceed with making things better (or… Read more »