Month: June 2019

Digital Impressions: 4 Types Of Patients Who Will Really Appreciate Them

Of course, just about everyone out there can appreciate the comfort and convenience that comes with our Springfield, OH practice’s decision to rely on digital impressions with the help of the iTero system! With that said, we are also well aware that there are patients getting ready to begin with orthodontic treatment who feel exceptional… Read more »

Dream Big! What Smile Goals Do You Wish You Could Reach?

Smile goals can feel a little overwhelming at times. They can even feel nearly impossible when you’re seeing something far from it in the mirror! While you may not know what it’s going to take to transform your current smile into the vision you see in your dreams, we are happy to remind you that… Read more »

Chewing Problems: Get Your Smile In Tip Top Shape!

If there’s one thing that can really inhibit your ability to comfortably use your smile for one of its primary functions, it’s chewing problems! Your smile allows you to emote your feelings, to speak, and to eat your food. So, what are you supposed to do when chewing is clearly presenting a problem, you wonder?… Read more »

Bad Breath and What to Do About It

Bad breath can sometimes be a minor annoyance that is eliminated with a piece of sugar free gum or a breath mint, and a reminder to keep certain foods off the menu. Other times, it can be a symptom that something is going on, and needs attention from a caring family dentist in Springfield, OH…. Read more »