3 Comfortable Things That May Completely Shock You!

One of the big, major reasons patients decide not to call and to schedule the care that they need? They’re worried that some aspect of dental care is going to include discomfort. To this, our Springfield, OH team says: One of our big, major goals is to ensure that every last part of your experience with caring for and protecting your oral health is completely comfortable! So, what types of things might we be able to shock you with in regard to assumed causes of discomfort that are actually the opposite? Consider details and services in a whole new way and you may quickly recognize that coming in for care is going to be just fine!

#1: Our Digital Impressions

We know from firsthand experience with our patients that one of the biggest fears associated with orthodontic care is dealing with impressions. Why is that? Well, because traditional impressions feel quite invasive, don’t work well for individuals with a strong gag reflex, and are sort of yucky and difficult. This is why we offer iTero digital impressions. It’s a very simple system and approach that’s thoroughly comfortable. You can move around and talk if you need to at any point, while we use a small wand to gather images of your bite. Easy and comfortable!

#2: Your In-Office Experience

Your in-office dental care experience doesn’t need to be uncomfortable in any way, including your emotional comfort and physical comfort. We strive to address any level of dental anxiety that you may be experiencing by maintaining a compassionate and caring team (and by offering laughing gas, as well!).

#3: Imaging

You may have memories of visiting other dentists and dealing with a not-so-pleasant experience regarding dental X-rays. Fortunately, we outfit our practice with modern technology, which always benefits your comfort during dental care. When it comes to X-rays, we offer digital imaging. What does this mean for you? Well, it means it’s going to be a very quick experience, a surprisingly comfortable one, and that it puts out a dramatically reduced amount of radiation, so you don’t have to worry about any safety factors. All in all, it’s a much nicer moment during your preventive visits.

Enjoy Comfortable Dental Care With Us

When you want to care for your smile and to receive professional dental care but you are worried about the comfort, we invite you to come on in to enjoy our gentle and compassionate approach to dental care. Ready for your checkup in Springfield, OH? Schedule your appointment with North Spring Dental today by calling 937.399.3800.