4 C-Reminders: Enjoying Successful, Relaxing Fillings

Of course, you might not jump up and down when you learn that you need a dental filling. After all, you require a filling because of tooth decay, which is something you would prefer to avoid. The silver lining, however, is that from this not-so-great news comes some very helpful and happy advice that will remind you: Fixing your tooth when a cavity shows up is something you can do in an easily successful and relaxing manner. Just take some reminders to heart that begin with the letter C for your best experience with our Springfield, OH team!

#1: Catch Decay Early

Remember that one of the reasons we encourage you to visit us for dental cleanings and checkups every six months (or to call between appointments if something feels off) is the fact that catching decay earlier is better than catching it later. This is a progressive illness, which means what begins as a small cavity will, without doubt, grow into a larger cavity. Treating decay early with a dental filling means you keep more tooth tissue and have a greater chance of avoiding side effects like a toothache.

#2: Composite Saves The Day

We are always so pleased to remind patients that we offer tooth-colored fillings. “Hey!” you might say, “tooth-colored doesn’t begin with the letter C!” Right you are. Remember, this type of filling is also called a white filling or a composite filling. The “C” stands for composite, of course, which is a moldable and customizable material that we can color-match to the shade of your healthy tooth tissue. Once complete, the filling will blend in so beautifully with your tooth that you won’t see it. You’ll just see a whole, healthy tooth!

#3: Call To Set Up Care Immediately

When you need a dental filling, we remind you that if you want the experience to be the most relaxing it can be, what you should do is call right away. What you should not do? Procrastinate. Simple.

#4: Call Yourself Cavity-Free When We’re Through!

Remember that when you receive your dental filling with us, it allows you to say goodbye to the decay and to the hole left behind. The result? The cavity is gone! As soon as you’ve taken care of any and all existing decay, it means you are cavity free again! Fortunately, it’s very easy to keep this up. All you have to do is keep that brushing and flossing going every single day as we suggest. You also need to see our friendly team just two times (every six months) a year for cleanings and checkups! Keep all of these “C” terms in mind for a very healthy smile.

Schedule Care For Your Decay Right Away

See us for your composite dental filling right away! We look forward to providing you with a relaxing, wonderful experience, as we eliminate decay and help you restore your tooth to its prior state of health and beauty! Ready for your checkup in Springfield, OH? Schedule your appointment with North Spring Dental today by calling 937.399.3800.