Avoid Cavities This Thanksgiving

north-spring-cavitiesOn Thursday, millions of people across the country will be enjoying wonderful meals and conversation and friends and family. While we love these meals as much as anyone, we also want you to be aware of how many Thanksgiving staples can promote tooth decay. Fortunately, with the right steps you can potentially avoid cavities this Thanksgiving.

What Causes Tooth Decay?

Cavities form when bacteria break down food particles, increasing the levels of oral acidity and coating the teeth in plaque in the process. Over time, plaque and oral acidity can weaken tooth enamel, increasing the risk of bacteria bypassing the outer enamel and reaching the inner layers of dentin, where decay can form. You may then experience tooth sensitivity and toothaches as a result of the decay. Eventually, cavities can lead to dental infections, which threaten the stability of your smile.

Preventive Solutions

You can help reduce the risk of cavities by brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each session, and flossing once a day. These actions help reduce the risk of decay by removing stray food particles. You should also schedule a visit with your dentist twice a year to undergo a routine cleaning. A cleaning is actually the only way to complete remove plaque from your teeth. The procedure also brightens your teeth and helps freshen your breath.

Healthy Food and Drink Choices

You can also make healthier choices at dinnertime. First, drink water instead of soda or tea. Water helps rinse the mouth and contains no sugar. You can also add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your meal. These not only contain vital nutrients, but the rougher vegetables (carrots, broccoli) can actually help scrub away portions of plaque buildup.


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