Back To School: The Parent Edition! 

Hopefully you’re all caught up on getting your kids ready for the upcoming school year in terms of their oral health. With that said, we want to remind you about something very important that can very easily become left behind, as you focus on back-to-school supply shopping, clothes shopping, kids’ dental checkups, and more: Your own, adult smile care! While this time of year certainly makes it much easier to plan care for your kiddos, don’t forget to take advantage of the remaining days of summer break in terms of your own teeth, gums, and more! What might you be overlooking, you ask? Our Springfield, OH team is full of helpful reminders!

You Need A Checkup And Cleaning, Too!

Remember that though your children may need dental checkups and cleanings based on requirements or simply because you’re quite committed to keeping up with the details of their smile care, that doesn’t mean your oral health isn’t just as important. When summer vacation makes planning everything easier, even your own dental care, we encourage you to set up and attend your preventive visit, too! You may either speak with our helpful team about scheduling your whole family’s care at once or during different dates and times: Whatever makes keeping your smiles healthy the easiest!

Parents Get Cavities, Too!

Yep, we know that when it comes to taking care of details that really need to be addressed, you keep your kids on the top of your priority list. When tooth decay develops, you bring them right in for the care they require. However, we wonder: Are you taking quite as good care of yourself? If you have a cavity or another oral health related issue that demands attention, the time to do it is right now, before you’re fully focused on the daily grind of classes and juggling everything else that comes along with the school year! Ready for a dental filling or crown? Call us to schedule your visit soon.

Anything Else On Your Mind

Whether you have some gum inflammation you’ve been meaning to talk over with our team, you feel like you’d really love to discuss Invisalign for yourself, or you were hoping to receive whitening before the close of the summer season, seeing us very soon is simple! Make amazing use of the final days of summertime by giving us a call, scheduling your visit, and coming in!

Remember To Set Up Your Dental Care

Don’t forget to set up your own, adult dental care, as you remember to schedule all of the visits and treatments your children require before the school year begins. We look forward to treating the entire family! Ready for your checkup in Springfield, OH? Schedule your appointment with North Spring Dental today by calling 937.399.3800.