Chewing Problems: Get Your Smile In Tip Top Shape!

If there’s one thing that can really inhibit your ability to comfortably use your smile for one of its primary functions, it’s chewing problems! Your smile allows you to emote your feelings, to speak, and to eat your food. So, what are you supposed to do when chewing is clearly presenting a problem, you wonder? As we generally suggest for any type of change with your smile, the first step is to contact our Springfield, OH team to set up a dental checkup to get to the bottom of things! As for the particulars of what’s happening to you and how we may address it? Get started with a quick preview of possibilities for reassuring insight.

Issues With Misalignment?

If you’re having some trouble chewing, one area of concern that may be causing this challenge is your alignment. Would you describe your smile as a pristinely straight grin? Or, would you immediately agree that your teeth could really use orthodontic care and that your top and bottom teeth don’t exactly line up beautifully? If you agree with the latter of these options, then you may find that the poor balance and alignment of your smile is making it difficult to chew your food. You will also discover that we offer Invisalign treatment (and more), so we can soon guide your smile into amazing alignment, which promotes easy eating.

Pain When Chewing?

When your teeth fit together just fine but your chewing problem is that it doesn’t feel very good, we immediately need to identify or rule out any existing disorders or disease that may be negatively impacting your smile and its comfort level. To do so, we just need to see you for a dental checkup! Why not schedule one today, so we can tell you why chewing has become less than pleasant and what we can do about it!

Dealing With Damaged Dental Work?

Dental work that you’ve had for a while can become damaged or stop fitting as precisely as it should over time. Unfortunately, we know that you may not necessarily realize this! The good news? We check in on all aspects of your smile every time you come in for a checkup with us! The not-so-good news? If you haven’t been in to see us lately, then you may not recognize that your chewing problem is the result of ill-fitting or damaged work, such as a bridge, crown, filling, or otherwise. Come in! We can repair or replace work that is disrupting your ability to chew (and more), so you can get back to life with a smile that’s in wonderful condition!

Address Chewing Concerns Right Away

Don’t ignore problems that show up when you’re chewing your food. Instead, come in to see our team for a dental checkup just as soon as you can, so we may quickly identify and treat the source of your concern! Ready for your checkup in Springfield, OH? Schedule your appointment with North Spring Dental today by calling 937.399.3800.