Don’t Let Cavities Get You Down: You’ve Got Us!

We know that it’s never welcome news to learn that you have a cavity. However, our Springfield, OH team would absolutely love to help shift your perspective in regard to this very common oral health issue! From helping you recognize that tooth decay is actually something you can easily prevent to reminding you that if it happens, we can fix it with gorgeous results, we’ve got lots and lots of reassuring facts to share! So, sit back, clear your mind of the not-so-nice feelings you currently harbor toward decay, and get ready to feel empowered and prepared to protect (or restore) your smile!

Our Professional Cleanings Are Powerful Protectors!

Cavities are not something you want to deal with but you worry they just happen out of the clear blue. Great news: You can prevent them by protecting your teeth and we can help! Our major contribution, of course, includes your twice-annual dental cleanings. During this time, we remove every last bit of plaque and tartar that’s still on your teeth (this happens even if you are a very good brusher and flosser, so don’t feel bad!). Remember, plaque and tartar are a leading cause of tooth decay. So, keep these cleanings scheduled for powerful protection.

Checking In With Checkups Means Early Detection

You may worry that you’ll suddenly wake up one day to find a huge, severe cavity! While this is a possibility, if you are ignoring your preventive care that we suggest for you, it’s not something you need to concern yourself with if you keep up with dental checkups. Why not? Well, here’s what is so wonderful about seeing us every six months: We get to keep an eye on your teeth. If even the slightest sign of softening enamel and decay shows up, we can tell you immediately. You can either remineralize a softening area or receive a dental filling for your tiny cavity before it grows into a big one.

Home Care? We Can Guide You!

As you’ve realized, your brushing and flossing keep your smile free of cavity-causing plaque (which prevents tartar formation) on a daily basis. When you’re on track and you’re receiving dental cleanings, avoiding tooth decay is easy! However, if you’re worried your home care isn’t as effective as it could be, there’s a simple fix: Ask us for help. We’ll tell you (and even show you) everything you need to know!

When Decay Happens, We Fix It With Beautiful Results

You’re still wondering, but what if a cavity does happen? Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with even a bit of upset! Our team offers comfortable, beautiful tooth-colored fillings, which help preserve your tooth tissue, restore your oral health, and make any evidence of a cavity disappear from your smile’s appearance!

Say Goodbye To Cavities

Wave your goodbyes to tooth decay and welcome in the promise of a smile that you can very easily keep healthy and free of cavity development! Stick with our preventive care suggestions for success. Ready for your checkup in Springfield, OH? Schedule your appointment with North Spring Dental today by calling 937.399.3800.