Make a Smile Checklist for Yourself

Everyone wants a bright, beautiful smile that stands out in photos. If you want to make improvements to the appearance of your smile, there are cosmetic dentistry treatments that can brighten or straighten your teeth. However, a major part of keeping your smile beautiful is keeping your teeth healthy. If you take proper care of your teeth, they’ll last throughout your lifetime, and you’ll retain the benefits of any cosmetic treatment you might choose. To help you care for your teeth, you should make a smile checklist for yourself.

Your Smile Checklist Should Include Daily Items

Cleaning your teeth on a daily basis prevents the harmful buildup of bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria are naturally present in your mouth, and at any given time, it’s not a huge threat. However, if you let the same bacteria sit on your teeth and grow over time, it will get more difficult to remove, and it will cause more damage. Bacteria produce acid that is corrosive to dental enamel, and eventually that acid will cause cavities. By brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing regularly, you can drastically reduce your risk for oral health issues, and preserve the appearance of your smile.

Your Smile Checklist Should Also Include Monthly or Yearly Items

Daily cleaning routines protect your teeth, but there are also long-term oral health items you should add to your checklist. In addition to home care, you should also make biannual visits to your dentist for checkups and cleanings. These appointments allow your dental hygienist to thoroughly remove any bacterial buildup that may have happened on your teeth. Despite regular cleanings, there are still some difficult-to-reach surfaces in your mouth where bacteria can hide. Making time in your schedule for these brief dental appointments can go a long way toward protecting your teeth.

Include Cosmetic Goals in Your Smile Checklist

When you’re building your smile checklist, you can also think about your long-term goals. If you’re taking proper care of your teeth and you want to pursue cosmetic dentistry treatment, create a vision for what you want your smile to look like. If you’d like a brighter smile, teeth whitening treatment might be for you. If you’d like to adjust the shape of your teeth slightly, cosmetic bonding and contouring can help. By knowing what you want from your smile, you can better build a cosmetic plan with your dentist in the future.

Receive Biannual Checkups and Cosmetic Treatment from North Spring Dental

Consistent home care and biannual dentist appointments will protect your teeth and drastically reduce your risk for cavities and gum disease. If you have healthy teeth, cosmetic dentistry can clean up any defects in the appearance of your smile. You can find both types of treatment at North Spring Dental. Our team will listen to your needs and build a custom treatment plan for you. Schedule an appointment with North Spring Dental in Springfield, OH by contacting our office at 937-399-3800.