Pregnant? Remember 3 Smile-Related Details.

Particularly if this is your first pregnancy, you may find that you have a surprisingly long list of questions show up that you never even thought about before. One of those inquiries, of course, may be: What should I do about dental care now that I’m pregnant? If you were worried that you’re too late to take care of your smile, that maybe you need to avoid the dentist, etc., we are happy to help. As a matter of fact, you can keep on caring for teeth and gums (in fact, you need to), so let’s walk through some important details to get you started.

#1: You Need To Come In For Care!

You need to see us for dental care and you need to continue your care at home. Remember that your entire body is connected, which means your oral health is a key factor in your overall health, as well. Fortunately, it’s just a matter of keeping up with your usual routine!

#2: Your Gums Become More Susceptible To Problems

Did you know that your gums become more susceptible to periodontal disease when you’re pregnant, thanks to changes caused by hormone shifts? Yep. The news that you can smile about: When you see us as we suggest, we can help you keep gum tissue healthy!

#3: You Can Protect Your Smile

If morning sickness has got you down, you don’t have to feel like it’s just you out there, wondering what you should be doing in regard to dental care. Here’s the good news: You shouldn’t brush your smile immediately after vomiting. What you should get used to? Rinsing your mouth out with water to neutralize the acids. Then, when about a half hour has passed (and as long as you’re feeling up to it), then you may go ahead and brush! Gather more tips when we see you!

See Us For Your Smile Care During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant and not sure what to do about your dental care? The best choice is to call us right away, so we may help you protect your oral health during this time (and all times!). Ready for your checkup in Springfield, OH? Schedule your appointment with North Spring Dental today by calling 937.399.3800.