Smile Care: Your Pre-Holiday Planning List

Yes, we know that you probably don’t want yet another list for holiday time. However, we also know that you are likely secretly very happy to have a checklist to refer to, so in addition to everything else going on, you don’t overlook a very important smile care detail. Of course, this helps take the guesswork out of ensuring your whole family’s smile is right on track by the time all should be merry, bright, and full of cozy fun. Now, about that list our Springfield, OH team has gotten ready for you…

Number 1: Check Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Our team is aware you may feel like it’s a bit premature to start worrying about remaining dental benefits in October but we remind you that the months can fly by, particularly when holidays show up. Don’t let your remaining coverage get away from you. Instead, put it to good use well before the New Year arrives, so you’re not lamenting the restart of your benefits come 2019!

Number 2: Check Your Preventive Care Calendar

Take a look at your calendar (or, if you cannot remember your last preventive care visit, call us up!). Ask yourself if you or any member of your family is due for your preventive smile care throughout the next few months. If so, save yourself the stress of trying to do it later, when appointment dates and times are not so plentiful, and do it right now instead! It will be a major relief.

Number 3: Come In For Any Smile Care You Already Know You Need

Is there something you need but you keep putting it off? Don’t let a few weeks turn into a few months. Instead, save yourself the frustration of dealing with smile care related problems throughout the holiday season (when you should be having a lovely time) by coming in ASAP!

Number 4: Talk With Us About Your Last-Minute Smile Dreams

Did you write down “whiten my smile” on another list you’ve got going? Perhaps, it’s your pre-holiday list for prepping to look your best. If so, then we encourage you to call us immediately to talk about making cosmetic smile care a reality for you!

See Us Soon To Promote A Healthy Holiday Smile

Call us up, come on in, and take care of your smile, so it’s ready for winter holiday fun. Ready for your checkup in Springfield, OH? Schedule your appointment with North Spring Dental today by calling 937.399.3800.