Smile Sensitivity: What Exactly Is Going On?

In addition to the fact that smile sensitivity can seem to show up out of nowhere, there’s the fact that you may have no idea why it’s happening! This, of course, feels like adding insult to injury. Not only are you dealing with discomfort but as for how to proceed with making things better (or stopping the cause), you’re at a loss. Though this uncomfortable symptom may lead to some frustration, our Springfield, OH team is happy to remind you that the explanation (and the dental care you need) is just a phone call away! Get in touch with us soon, so you can say, “See ya later!” to sensitive teeth.

It May Be Aggressive Care

It’s not necessarily something you may expect to hear but in some cases, your approach to your home dental care may be the primary cause of your smile sensitivity. We always remind patients that the best way to practice dental hygiene is gently. When you brush and floss quite hard, if you use abrasive products, or if you rush through your sessions, you may be causing damage and irritation. Aggressive care can yield eroded, sensitive teeth. It may also lead to receding gum tissue, which is also associated with sensitivity. Reach out to us for a refresher on how to properly and gently keep your oral health super clean and safe!

It’s Often A Hygiene-Related Issue

Remember, when a problem arises with your oral health, it’s very common for your dental nerves to become exposed or aggravated, which makes for smile sensitivity. While this isn’t enjoyable in the moment, it is absolutely fixable. Don’t be a stranger! Visit us soon, so we may examine your smile, explain the underlying reason for your discomfort, and then provide you with the applicable treatment!

You May Need Orthodontics

Surprise! Your smile sensitivity may be associated with the fact that your smile isn’t aligned. Teeth that do not fit together just right can end up bumping against one another, can end up grinding against each other, and this daily, harsh contact can take its toll. Unfortunately, this lack of balance can also promote functional problems like bruxism and TMJ disorder (and can even make it harder to keep your smile clean). Talk with us about how orthodontic care might offer immense help and long-term oral health protection!

There Are Lots Of Possibilities: See Us!

Come in for answers, details, care, and a return to comfort!

Address Dental Sensitivity With Our Team

Wave goodbye to the dental sensitivity that has been bothering you, so you can reclaim your smile’s comfort, reclaim your usual daily quality of life, and know that your oral health is safe and sound. Ready for your checkup in Springfield, OH? Schedule your appointment with North Spring Dental today by calling 937.399.3800.