The Ever-Inconvenient Toothache: What To Do?

There’s never anything convenient about having a toothache. It’s uncomfortable, it can interrupt short-term plans, and it can throw off your whole schedule! Nobody wants one. However, they happen from time to time! When they do, if you know just what to do from start to finish to say goodbye to the pain (and the underlying problem), it makes getting back to great oral health very easy! Take a quick stroll through the morsels of knowledge our Springfield, OH team has to offer, so you’re ready (just in case).

Avoid The Urge To Poke And Prod

We remind you not to poke your tooth, not to tap on it with anything else, and not to try to do anything fancy to fix things. When you develop a toothache, the best thing you can do for the sake of your tooth and your comfort is to try to just leave it alone. Lots of attention can lead to aggravation, further irritation, and more pain.

Complete Your Usual Dental Hygiene

Right, aside from the fact that you shouldn’t do a lot of poking and prodding, you can still come into contact with your tooth. That is, you should but only for the usually required dental hygiene. Go ahead and brush and floss. If your toothache is severe, be as gentle as you can but still do your best to keep your entire smile clean!

Consider Easy Home Relief

There is no need to suffer when you have a toothache. Instead, get some much desired relief with some easy home suggestions:

  • Take a pill! Any over-the-counter pain reliever will do, just remember to read the instructions printed on the label.
  • Create a little cold pack (a bag of ice that is then wrapped in a towel is easy) that you can place on your face over the affected area. Remember that the coldness will help alleviate discomfort as well as inflammation. Simply remember not to place ice directly against your skin.

Call Our Team

Call us! You need a visit when you have a toothache, plain and simple.

Say “Of Course!” To Required Care

If you require any type of care to address your toothache, from a dental filling to a root canal, first, remember that agreeing to the treatment and coming in is what will solve your problem. Once the issue is handled and your tooth is repaired, you’ll feel better! Worried about what your experience is going to be like in receiving restorative care? We can assure you in earnest that we practice gentle care and will do all that we can so that you feel calm and comfortable!

Treat Tooth Pain With A Visit

Don’t try to get fancy with your own efforts in eradicating tooth pain. Instead, when you experience a toothache, realize that coming in to see us is your best bet and call our team ASAP for a visit! Ready for your checkup in Springfield, OH? Schedule your appointment with North Spring Dental today by calling 937.399.3800.