Trick Or Treat? Try Our Halloween Tricks For A Safe Night!

When you’re reminiscing about your days of trick or treating (and you’re looking forward to bringing your kiddos out to have the same magical experience), we happen to be here to help. Since we are dental professionals, we aren’t planning on handing you a bowlful of sugary treats. However, we would like to offer you a whole bunch of tricks that can help you protect your family’s oral health throughout this fun holiday! Ready for some ways to make your Halloween that much safer? Consider our Springfield, OH team’s thoughts on the topic!

Carry A Flashlight During Trick Or Treating

Don’t forget that when it’s dark out, your kids are wearing costumes (and potentially a mask), and you’re taking paths that you don’t frequently follow, it’s more likely than usual that your kiddo might miss a step or a curb and trip. You don’t want any falling on Halloween because it can mean oral health trauma. Avoid such problems by carrying flashlights with you and guiding the way for your little ones.

See Us Before The Holiday Happens (Translation: Very Soon!)

Our team knows that you’ve already got your hands full with Halloween approaching. However, if your child is dealing with decay, an uncomfortable tooth, you’re dealing with an untreated cavity, etc., waiting it out is not your best choice. Seeing us before it’s time to go trick or treating? That is a much better option, so you’re free to eat candy and enjoy it, too, on Halloween night.

Watch For Hidden Food Dangers!

You already know that sticky candies, highly chewy stuff, and anything that’s extraordinarily hard can lead to problems like cracked or broken teeth, damaged braces, tooth decay, and more. However, you may not have considered some other not-so-obvious dangers! Anything that falls into these categories, even if it’s not candy, can harm your oral health. Keep the following in mind as an example: Maybe you’re eating popcorn as you watch a scary Halloween movie, so you aren’t looking at what you’re eating. Remember that there’s often some unpopped popcorn that can break a tooth if you bite down too hard! Remove unpopped kernels before you eat (or keep an eye on those handfuls) to prevent problems.

Protect Your Kids’ Smiles Every Single Day With Our Help

Whether it’s Halloween night or any other day of the year, our friendly team is always here to help guide your child’s oral health toward success. Ready for your checkup in Springfield, OH? Schedule your appointment with North Spring Dental today by calling 937.399.3800.