Xylitol: What It Is, Why It’s Great, How To Enjoy It!

So, you keep hearing about xylitol and that it may be better for your oral health than sugar but you don’t really know much more than that. Any time you hear that you can swap something out for the delightful sweetness of real sugar, you think to yourself that there must be some catch! However, it sure would be nice if it were true because one of your main life priorities is protecting the smile health of yourself and your family. While you may feel a bit skeptical, our Springfield, OH team is pleased to report that xylitol really is something worth investigating! Learn more.

What Is Xylitol, Exactly?

We are happy to offer you a quick and simple explanation for what xylitol is! It may sound complicated or quite exotic (after all, how many other words do you know that start with the letter x?) but it’s really just a sweetener. What makes it something worth noting is that it’s all natural but it’s not table sugar. Instead, it’s a plant-derived sweet substance that is often used in your foods and beverages (and more).

Why Is Xylitol So Great?

Well, if you enjoy eating sweet things but you know it’s not great for your oral health, then xylitol may change your life! If you have kids, it may also make it easier on you to provide your kids with treats without feeling you’re contributing to the development of cavities. Fortunately, xylitol tastes sweet but it does not cause the same consequences as table sugar or artificial sweeteners. Remember the following things about xylitol:

  • It is not made up of man-made chemicals, so you can feel good knowing it’s natural
  • Xylitol will not encourage the development of tooth decay or other smile-related problems
  • This sweetener may actually help keep plaque from doing what it does, which is sticking to teeth, which can thereby benefit your oral health
  • It inhibits the growth of certain bad bacteria in your mouth

How Can I Enjoy This Sweetener?

You will be pleased to discover on behalf of your taste buds and your oral health that you can find xylitol in many foods, drinks, and treats. If you’re someone who enjoys sugarless gum, look for one that contains xylitol for a fresh mouth and even more smile care benefits. You may also find drinks sweetened with it instead of table sugar or artificial ingredients, as well as desserts, and snacks! Where to begin, you wonder? Head to your local gourmet grocer, health food store, or organic aisle for a plentiful selection to get started.

Gather Tips From Our Practice For Smile Protection

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