Yuck, Here Comes The Flu: Tips From Your Dentist!

It’s definitely not a fall favorite but it is something that we all know about and think about: It’s the flu and it’s coming our way. Yes, this autumn-associated illness is quite serious, spreads very easily, and is something you will certainly want to protect yourself and your family from getting! So, what’s your Springfield, OH dental team got to do with staying nice and healthy throughout the fall and winter months, you wonder? As a matter of fact, some smile care related tips will offer you some serious safeguarding against accidentally ingesting those not-so-friendly germs! Learn more.

Tip: It’s Time To Stop Biting Your Nails

If you ever needed a really good reason to stop biting your nails, this is it: The flu is so very contagious, which means if you’ve touched something that an infected individual has touched, well, you may be carrying the germs on your fingers. The second you put those nails of yours near your lips, you are dangerously close to ingesting the virus. Instead, our team suggests that you keep your hands away from your mouth (and away from anything that’s going into your mouth, like your snack, until your hands are clean).

Tip: It’s Time To Keep Those Fingers Crazy Clean

As mentioned, you’re going to need to do a lot of hand washing. True, this is always to your advantage. However, when you’re trying to avoid a virus, it’s extremely important. You should wash your hands before you eat, touch your mouth, your eyes, or your nose, and before you practice any type of smile care. You should do this again after you eat, etc., so you aren’t sharing your germs with anyone around you. You may also want to invest in a lotion you enjoy, so you can apply it after washing to combat dry skin!

Tip: Don’t Mix Up Your Family’s Products!

Do you usually shrug it off if you accidentally pick up your spouse’s toothbrush and use it anyway? Does the whole family share one tube of toothpaste? These mix-ups can lead to sharing the flu virus! Fortunately, you can protect your oral health like always with just a bit of effort in the smile care department. Keep brushes divided and consider dedicated toothpaste for each family member for now!

Protect Your Family’s Smiles And Health With Our Tips

Keep yourself, your children, your spouse, and every other family member out of harm’s way this time of year with mindful smile care! Ready for your checkup in Springfield, OH? Schedule your appointment with North Spring Dental today by calling 937.399.3800.