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Smile Help: When Food Keeps Getting Stuck During Meals!

Would you say that one of the most frustrating challenges you find yourself faced with when it comes to your smile health is the fact that you always end up with food stuck between teeth after you eat? While this might sound like “no big deal,” it can actually present you with discomfort and even… Read more »

Biting, Chewing, Brushing Habits: Are You Threatening Your Smile?

What’s there to think about when it comes to biting food, chewing through your meals, brushing, and more? Do these really have anything in common? As a matter of fact, though you may not think of them as connected details (and you certainly never thought they might require any extra attention), they can all relate… Read more »

Gum Problem Symptoms: What’s Going On?

When you experience gum problem symptoms, you may immediately think that you are suffering from gingivitis. This is entirely possible! However, it’s also very possible that some other problem has caused you to experience what appears to be a very clear announcement by your gums that you need immediate periodontal care. So, how to react?… Read more »

Fillings: 3 Things To Always Remember

There’s just something about learning you need a dental filling that can make your smile quickly turn into a frown. As we have learned over the years, this is generally because patients are missing out on key information that, once they learn about it, gives them all of the confidence and emotional relief they need… Read more »

How We Help With Common Dental Phobias

There are some common dental phobias that can, unfortunately, prevent some patients from scheduling the dental visits they otherwise feel very motivated to set up for themselves. We’d like to address a few of the major ones that pop up in order to show you that we’re certainly on your side! Whatever is causing you… Read more »

Smile Safe Favorites For Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is all about love, which may cause you to wonder why the way we celebrate is often not so loving toward our smiles! True, it is quite lovely to indulge in a box of candies but did you ever wonder if there was some way to celebrate this holiday without going overboard on… Read more »

Canker Sores: Don’t Worry!

One second, your smile feels completely fine. The next, you wonder what on earth is happening. You scurry over to the mirror, take a look at the lining of your mouth, and you see what appears to be an ulcer. What’s it doing there, how can you make it go away, and what is it,… Read more »

Benefits: Don’t Miss Out For 2017

If you were to schedule a visit with us right now, what would it be for? If you immediately thought to yourself when we posed our question that, in fact, you could very much use a dental visit but you figured you’d just wait until after the New Year, you just might want to re-think… Read more »

iTero Scanner: Who It Helps

In a general sense, the iTero Scanner will help anyone who is seeking orthodontic work or requires impressions for other reasons. If you’re not up to speed just yet: It’s a handheld scanner that gathers digital impressions of your teeth. This means you can say goodbye to the metal-tray-and-putty days of impressions and hello to… Read more »

Orthodontic Care Q&A: Who Is It For?

If you’ve been looking at your smile in the mirror lately, glancing at photos, and realizing that you wish you’d had braces as a kid, you might feel slightly conflicted. You want to ask us about orthodontic care for your smile but if you have preconceived ideas about who this type of treatment is appropriate… Read more »